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Helpful Tips

  • Defrosting Your Fridge

    Never defrost your fridge using a knife or sharp implement as you risk harming yourself and/or puncturing the evaporator. If you need to speedily defrost your fridge use small amounts of warm water to break down the ice and make sure the fridge is turned off and unplugged!

  • My Freezer Temp is OK but the fridge temp is not

    This type of fault is consistent with part failure of some nature. In this instance it is best to give our office a call to schedule a booking for a technician.  When calling, please make sure you have the make and model of the unit available.

  • My Fridge Is Leaking Water

    Generally the cause of a blocked drain hole is due to lose food product in the freezers drain pan / drain pipe. Many fridges have a drain system to remove the ice that has accumulated around the evaporator coil. You can see the drain system behind the back wall of the freezer and, using a wire softly, can unblock the food matter. Once unblocked the water travels to a tray on top of the compressor which heats up and evaporates.

  • My fridge is tripping the power

    This is a good indicator that there is a fault with your fridge. The best action you can take in this scenario is to call our office and schedule a booking for a technician to inspect the unit. When calling, please make sure you have the make and model of the unit available.

  • The Ice and/or Water Is Not Working On My Fridge!

    In this case, if you are having an issue with the ice and water on your fridge it is better to contact the manufacture. The reason for this is due to the sheer amount of components in ice and water specific to each brand and each model. It is therefore not logical for us to conduct these type of repairs.

  • Does My Fridge Need New Door Seals?

    This question is very hard to answer sight unseen. Its like calling someone for tyres for your car and asking if you need new tyres. It is mainly dependant on a few things


    Q) Does your seals have any tears in them?

    A) If you answered yes to this than it is highly possible that you do need new seals.


    Q) Is your fridge not keeping its temperature and you suspect it is the seals.

    A) In this instance as long as the seals are sealing correctly there is a chance you actually have part failure.


    Q) Only part of the seal is sealing to the cabinet of the fridge.

    A) In this instance it is possible that the weight of the door has caused the door to drop. This type of fault would require an inspection from the manufacture.

  • How Do I Pay For The Inspection Fee Or Repairs

    All of our technicians are equipped with mobile EFTPOS so payment can be made by Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa or cash.


    Unfortunately we do not do accounts and therefore payment must be made upon completion of the repairs or inspection.

  • Maintenance Tips

    Keep the coils clean.

    When the condenser coils (see following page for more on parts) are covered with dust, the refrigerator can’t run efficiently. Twice a year, pull the machine from the wall to reveal the coils in back (or snap off the grille, if the coils are on the bottom front), unplug the refrigerator, and vacuum with the brush attachment.


    Seal Maintenance

    Cleaning the frame of the fridge where the seals rest and seals with hot soapy water to prevent them from sticking and tearing


    Light Bulbs

    Light bulbs for your unit can be purchased from any Bunnings, lighting or electrical store – simply take the bulb with you to find the correct one to replace it with.


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